90000 hours of cool maintenance-free energy savings

LM-80 Energy Star / DLC qualified ... Made in Canada ... Cool running ... L70 life exceeds 90000hrs ... Guaranteed to fit ... Six Year Warranty ... No heat sink needed ... Conformal Coating ... Indoor or outdoor use ... Call us today 1-800-495-0636 ...

The longest lasting LED modules ever.In 60 normalized forms.

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  • Sol IV Semiconductor builds on decades of commercial lighting and industrial electronic equipment design experience to confidently offer a six-year performance warranty on the most extensive line of LED modules in the industry, plus LED drivers, heat sinks, optical systems and controls.
  • Every design is optimized for:
    • Maximized Performance, Efficiency
    • Quality and Reliability, Long Life
    • Reasonable Price
  • What is PARAGON?
    PARAGON is a solid state lighting platform that delivers the variety of sixty standardized led modules customers need to fit in a wide range of luminaires - from small 3" potlights to large industrial high bays, new OEM luminaires or retrofit. With a complete portfolio of solutions, PARAGON has the right platform for every type of lighting fixture need:
  • PARAGON LM:   Reliable LED modules up to 47.25" long with L70>90000hrs, fixed CCT or tuneable from 2700K to 6400K. Easily installed in a majority of customer's "traditional" luminaires, new or existing.   No heat sink is required or needed for up to 1400LM/ft. Sized to meet the needs of OEMs existing luminaire toolings plus retrofit needs of institutional, high-end residential, commercial, healthcare facilities and large industrial customers.
  • PARAGON SESION:   LED drivers with lifetime exceeding 100000hrs.   Providing the same customers as PARAGON LM, PARAGON SESION offers reliable DC power supplies for customers that want to maximize energy savings by controlling LED luminaires with building controls and automated dimmable and/or addressable lighting systems.
  • SYNEMTIX:   LED heat dissipation solutions.
  • FOCO:   Secondary optical systems
  • SEAK:   Controls, sensors, automation