90000 hours of cool maintenance-free energy savings

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OBHD1400 (On Board Heat Dissipation - 1400lm/ft) is a unique LED heat dissipation method developed by Sol IV Semiconductor (patent pending) that allows use of LED in configurations where no heat sinks are needed or required.   OBDH1400 substantially reduces costs of finished-product LED luminaires by eliminating bulky aluminum or copper heat sinks that normally have to be attached to the lighting assembly.   OBDH1400 saves significant expense, weight and luminaire occupied space.   OBDH1400 method optimizes the linear LED module printed circuit board (PCB) design upon which the LED is mounted, to improve thermal management so that a heat sink can be eliminated for LED configurations of up to 1470 lm/ft.

OBDH1400 provides customers with new freedoms in application of LED technology especially in traditionally configured OEM luminaires easily updated to LED;   or retrofit of existing light fixtures. Below are examples of light fixtures that were originally T8 fluorescent or Compact Fluorescent, now successfully converted to maintenance-free LED Paragon™ platform.

In Scipio, N.Y. Fire Department installation pictured below, ESCO company specified Paragon™ platform consisting of Paragon™ LE "peel-and-stick" 10000lm LED modules and Paragon™ SESIoN industrial drivers.   This retrofit solution successfully replaced existing eight-foot 2x T12/HO lamps in 250W light fixtures more than 40 years old.   Retrofitted luminaires consume only 80 Watts and Paragon™ LE LED modules are mounted directly to the existing luminaire's surface.   The new LED configuration did not use or need any additional heat sinks.   Energy Star calculated L70 life (TM-21 method) of this installation exceeds 90,000 hours or more than 25 years.