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We continue striving everyday to develop sustainable lighting by maximizing the lighting quality of today's interior and exterior environments while minimizing the impact on our world's precious natural environment.

Solid-State Lighting

What is Solid-State Lighting?

Solid-state lighting (SSL) refers to a type of lighting that uses semiconductor light-emitting diodes (LEDs), organic light-emitting diodes (OLED), or polymer light-emitting diodes (PLED) as sources of illumination rather than electrical filaments, plasma (used in arc lamps such as fluorescent lamps), or gas.

The term "solid state" refers commonly to light emitted by solid-state electroluminescence, as opposed to incandescent bulbs (which use thermal radiation) or fluorescent tubes.   Compared to incandescent lighting, SSL creates visible light with reduced heat generation or parasitic energy dissipation.   Most common "white" LEDs convert blue light from a solid-state device to a white light spectrum using photoluminescence, the same principle used in conventional fluorescent tubes.

Canadian Solid State Lighting Manufacturing Leader Develops Innovative, Sustainable LED Lighting Solutions

Solid-state technology has created a significant impact on the lighting industry within the past few years.   Concurrently, Sol IV Semiconductor, the Canadian manufacturer of Paragon LED platform, has been evolving into a leader of solid state lighting that designs, engineers and produces a broad range of energy efficient, long lasting, low maintenance lighting solutions that use the latest state of the art LED technology for OMS or retrofit companies delivering multi-unit residential, retail, hospitality, commercial, industrial, architectural and institutional applications both indoor and outdoor.

"The pace of technology advancement can be dizzying, making it hard to understand your opportunity and risks at any given moment to commit to an investment," explains Bruce Sharp, Engineering Manager, at Sol IV Semiconductor Solid State Luminaires division.   "Sol IV Semiconductor products and people who use Paragon LED platform built into their light fixtures, make the decisions simple, both now and for the long run.   As an LED leader, we engineer even the smallest micro-details within our products addressing the needs of virtually any indoor or outdoor lighting application."

Not constrained by available module technology in the marketplace, Sol IV Semiconductor selects reliable Paragon LED platform technology that is at the cutting edge of innovation, testing independently, and extending the applicable life of the product.   With in-house engineering, Sol IV Semiconductor offers peace of mind providing long-term support for the products developed as the technology continues to advance.   Sol IV Semiconductor OEM and retrofit components deliver the finest quality of light with the most energy efficient LED lamping and optic technology available.

"The Responsible Lighting named standard that we uphold is our deep commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing, extensive research and development, energy saving technology, design aesthetics and community involvement," continued Mr. Sharp.   "With 90% of our products fabricated in zero-landfill facilities where we know all the inputs and throughputs used to produce our products, we can proudly stand behind a 6-year warranty and over 90000 hours life on most products.   Sol IV Semiconductor’s portfolio of LED light sources, drivers and related components offers real world real solutions and long term confidence."