90000 hours of cool maintenance-free energy savings

LM-80 Energy Star / DLC qualified ... Made in Canada ... Cool running ... L70 life exceeds 90000hrs ... Guaranteed to fit ... Six Year Warranty ... No heat sink needed ... Conformal Coating ... Indoor or outdoor use ... Call us today 1-800-495-0636 ...


Enduring Relationships

Building long term, mutually supportive bonds with our customers, suppliers and each other

Customer Focus

Listening to and understanding customers, providing support, and quality solutions for their needs with focus on their success


Consistently achieving desired results


Consistently creating value for our customers, employees, suppliers, and shareholders


Having and demonstrating "old fashioned" values


Intense interest and enthusiasm for what we do

Creative Thinking

Fresh, creative, innovative approaches to achieving results


Earning trust by being truthful even when it is against our best interests.   Reliable and competent we exchange open and honest feedback